Veterans Aid & Benefits


VeteransDescription & Eligibility

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers an Aid and Attendance pension program to eligible veterans and their spouses or widows who require daily assistance with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication monitoring and other activities of daily living. As a resident at Amerisist Assisted Living, you may qualify for this benefit.

Service Eligibility Qualifications:

  • Must have Honorable, General or Medical Discharge from the military.
  • Veteran must have served in the military, but not necessarily in a combat zone, for a minimum of 90 days with at least once day during a declared war time.
  •  Monthly out of pocket expenses are greater that your monthly income, you are eligible for the maximum pension for your status *Assisted Living is considered a medical expense for this deduction.
  • This is federally funded program so there are no residency requirements.


  • $2,019/month for a veteran & spouse (if the veteran needs care)
  • $1,703/month for a single veteran
  • $1,337/month for a married veteran, if a spouse needs care
  • $1,094/month for a surviving spouse of a veteran
  • Monthly Benefits continue as long as the individual requires assistance and has out of pocket expenses such as an Assisted Living community

Application Process & Resources

 The application process may take 3-6 months, however, it is retroactive to the first month after the application is received by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The benefit is paid directly to the resident & can be direct deposited.


Information Needed:

  • DDForm 214 or Discharge/Separation Papers.
  • Income Verification: Copies of SSA, Pension statements, bank statements, Tax returns, list of assets, list of monthly care expenses
  • List of medical expenses including physician/hospital stays
  • Physician Statement of Medical Necessity
  • Copy of veteran’s death certificate for surviving spouse applicant
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate