Safe Haven Program


Amerisist is happy to provide short term and emergency shelter for older or disabled adults whose families are in crisis or are victims of abuse and neglect.Safe Haven

Candidate Profile:

  • Older adults, victims of abuse or disabled in need of assistance
  • Caregiver in crisis, illness or a death in the family
  • Home environment unsafe or time needed to prepare for suitable living arrangements

The Role of Amerisist:

  • Provides 24 hour assistance with personal care
  • Medication administration as needed
  • Comfortable, fully furnished living quarters in a home like setting
  • Transportation to local medical appointments
  • Amerisist provides three nutritious meals a day and snacks
  • Social stimulation, supervision and comfort care

The Process:

Once a Caseworker has determined a need, they will call the nearest Amerisist location for an emergency placement under the Safe Haven program. When calling, provide the Amerisist community staff with as much social and medical information as possible, including time of needed placement. Admissions will be handled on a case by case basis based on availability.

The Limitations:

Stay cannot exceed the seven day emergency period without making permanent arrangements. Anyone exhibiting signs of behavior that could possibly be a safety risk to others or themselves including an elopement risk is not appropriate for Safe Haven.

The Discharge Policy:

If it is determined by an Amerisist Team Member that a person entering Amerisist under Safe Haven poses signs of eminent danger or is medically unstable, Amerisist reserves the right to notify an appropriate emergency response team (i.e. Social Services, Rescue Squad, law enforcement officials) and request immediate transfer to the treatment facility.