What is Respite Care?

Caregiver Respite care is short-term, temporary relief for those who are caring for a family member who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home. Whether due to work commitments, holidays, family crisis, or a break from day to day responsibilities, Amerisist supports the primary caregiver by offering care for the elderly or disabled in an atmosphere of privacy and safety. Additional Hospice services can be brought on board to provide end of life support in a caring environment.

Rehab Respite provides a short term transition between hospitalization and home. Amerisist's relationship with Home Health/Therapy offers services up to 5 days a week, allows us to offer a bridge to treatment, once Medicare A or Insurance is exhausted, at an affordable rate, in a comfortable environment. Whether for a weekend or for an extended length of time,we work with families to tailor their respite stay, ensuring a positive experience for each respite visit.

Why is Respite Important?

Our Caregiver Respite program gives families temporary relief and time to become refreshed and revitalized. Receiving assistance benefits the loved one as much as it does the caregiver. Every day families make tremendous sacrifices to provide the care and support their loved ones need. Amerisist understands that this care is willingly provided and motivated by love, respect and concern. Whether an aging parent or a loved one with declining function, caring for those you love can take a toll on your health.

Rehab Respite provides the ability to maintain a greater level of independence. A higher quality of living is ensured by having the opportunity to receive therapy, socialization & the daily assistance needed prior to returning home after surgery, decreasing the possibility of incidence that result in re-hospitalizations.

How can I Arrange Respite Care?

Respite Care is easily arranged at each Amerisist community. Please feel free to call any of our seven locations today to discuss our Respite Care Program.